Up to now

Up to now


And there comes the moment of the epiphany where life becomes still, as in those paintings aptly called “Still Life” which show a number of objects (natural or man-made) arranged in a composition.

Those objects are given relief and emphasis by the simple fact that they are placed in a framed view and belong to an illusory space. They are part of the flux of life just as the rocky reef around which the tides flow, but they are “static”.

It is a matter of moments before we direct our glance elsewhere and those objects do not exist in our perception anymore unless we go back at them to inspect a detail more closely.

That is the moment where they (and the time-space compound surrounding them) become “ex-static”.

If similarly we were to look at life “up to now” and imagine our existence framed in quotes we would produce a suspended time, just as if we were retracing our steps to look at the details of our life, except we are just holding a mirror steadily in front of us.

And in that simple act of reflection we keep missing our image (whether deliberately or not) while we unwittingly aim at the static past behind us: easy to aim at, not so easy to comprehend.

That’s the fixed ecstasy of the unknown present.

Oh dear, what a load of utter bollox. Thank you.